OKC Reformed Presbyterian Fellowship

Welcome to OKC Reformed Presbyterian Church

We are a mission church of the Midwest Presbytery of the RPCNA laboring to fulfill the Great Commission in OKC!

Our Church

We gather each Sunday for worship at 1201 N Robinson Ave. We worship in the Prichard Chapel at First Baptist Church. This chapel is on the west side of First Baptist Church. You can park at the parking lot on the south side of the building and you enter the chapel through the red doors. You should see our signs on the front lawn. 

The Good News

Sunday Schedule

Meeting Location

We are meeting at the Prichard Chapel (on the West side of the building) of the First Baptist Church located at 1201 N Robinson Ave, Oklahoma City.


Sunday School

Sunday School is at 9:30AM. Elder Bill Wagner is working through Exodus and Pastor Stephen Mulder is teaching on the Westminster Larger Catechism. 



Morning Worship

Our morning worship service starts at 10:30. We have been going through the Book of Acts and on the first Sunday of the month, we have a sermon on a Psalm.



Fellowship Meal

Please stay and fellowship with us after worship! We love sharing a meal together!


Sermon Discussion & Psalm Singing

Please join us after the fellowship meal for a sermon discussion and Psalm singing.



Afternoon Worship

On the first Sunday of the month, we have a second worship service in lieu of our regular sermon discussion and Psalm sing. 


Wednesday Night

Prayer Meeting

On Wednesday night at 6:30PM we gather for a prayer meeting. You are most welcome to join us at the Prichard Chapel as we pray for the needs of the church and Oklahoma City. 

Wednesday Night


Men’s Prayer Breakfast

Typically on the last Saturday morning of the month, the men and boys of the church gather to study “A Godly Man’s Picture” by Thomas Watson and pray for each other. After our time of prayer we enjoy a delicious breakfast and rich fellowship. If you’re interested in attending, send us a message on the contact form and we will let you know where we are meeting!


Ladies Study

Once a month, the ladies of the congregation gather for fellowship and study. They are currently working through a documentary on the Puritans which has provided rich opportunity to delve into the depths of God’s word. If you’re interested in joining them, drop us a note!


Our Mission Statement

Oklahoma City Reformed Presbyterian Church is a congregation in the Greater Oklahoma City Area that bears witness to the great love and mercy God has shown us through the work of Jesus Christ. We seek to proclaim that gospel in word and deed by obeying the Great Commission, discipling one another in the Word and prayer, engaging in reverent worship, building up the church, ministering to the lost, and caring for the outcast, orphan, and widow.

Two texts that have greatly shaped our ministry here in Oklahoma City are Jeremiah 6:16 and Psalm 67. 

We can't wait to worship with you

Want to visit? Here's what you can expect.

Sunday School starts at 9:30. Our morning worship service starts at 10:30. After morning worship, we have a fellowship meal. At 1:00, we have a time of sermon discussion, Psalm singing, and prayer. 

Dress is casual, ranging from blue jeans to khakis, leggings to skirts or dress pants. You are most welcome to come in what you think is appropriate!

Children are welcome to participate in the meetings (a little background noise does not bother us); however, we will also try to provide a nursery or cry room as we are able.

On the first Sunday of the month, we have a sermon on a Psalm as well as a second worship service in the afternoon. This is in lieu of our sermon discussion and prayer meeting. 

We have an emphasis on reverence in worship. Our worship is distinct. Commitment to the Word of God not only shapes our preaching, but also our praise. We sing from God’s Word (in the Book of Psalms) each week, letting these Biblical hymns form our praise. You’ll also notice that we ourselves are the choir as we sing together in worship. The video on the left (above if you're on mobile) is a gathering of Reformed Presbyterians from around the world singing Psalm 100 together. It is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world to hear the saints praise God with His own words, with grace in their hearts.


1201 N Robinson Ave. Oklahoma City, OK



Sunday Worship

10:30am - 12:00pm