Brookdale Psalm Sing

We have been gathering once a month to sing psalms at the Brookdale Senior Living Center in Edmond. It is a time of blessing for our children and us to interact with the elderly and in singing from the Word of God.

Worship Service

Once a month we have scheduled a formal worship service as part of the first steps toward planting a healthy, sustainable church. The Stillwater leadership will be preaching and we will also have guest preachers filling the pulpit from time to time. Please join us for prayer, reading of Scripture, singing of psalms, and the preaching of the Word of God. Note that in lieu of a fellowship meal, we will start later and serve refreshments.

Fellowship and Study

Each Lord’s Day we gather in the evening for a fellowship meal and a time of informal study and discussion. We are currently going through the RPCNA Testimony and its relation to both Scripture and the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Vacation Bible School

We have not formalized the schedule yet but Lord willing will be hosting a Vacation Bible School this summer.

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